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Frequently Asked Questions


 Is previous food experience necessary in order to obtain a Poko Popcorn Franchise?

Experience is always helpful; however, we offer a complete training program at our company-owned store and head office in Calgary, Alberta.


Can a store be purchased as an investment without my full-time management?

Yes, provided you have a qualified manager to operate the store. We believe that the personal attention and involvement of each franchisee is important to the store's success, and we require that each franchisee attend our company's training classes.

What is the size of a typical store?

Our primary expansion plans include inline interior mall locations ranging from 200-500 sq.ft and kiosk stations ranging from 150-250 sq.ft.


How much is the franchise fee, royalty fee and advertising fee?

The franchise fee is $25,000 for single unit operators and $22,000 for multiple units. The royalty and advertising fees are 6% and 2% respectively of monthly gross sales.


How much cash will I need?

This depends on your overall financial strength and your relationship with banks. Generally, at least 30% - 40% of the total investment is required by financial institutions.


Where do I get the equipment?

We have established relationships with equipment suppliers that result in savings for the franchisees.


Can any part of the store construction and required equipment be financed?

Yes, loans through your local bank or credit union may be available. Also, with proper financial strength, equipment may be leased through leasing companies.


Do I buy supplies from Poko Popcorn?

Yes. All of the ingredients and packaging have been sourced and centralized in a warehouse to allow our franchise partners to order directly online. Orders are packed and wrapped on pallets at the warehouse and shipped directly to the stores via ground transportation. ​This one stop shopping makes store operations easier, reduces picking errors and eliminates product shortages.

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